Let’s make love

“Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you have got to say, and say it hot”

D. H. Lawrence

Sitting here, typing, attempting to get to the point. Carefully thinking about words and meanings. Working to reach my essential nature in the ambition to be connected with heavens.

Touching the dimensions where you don´t have to do things right or wrong, just breathing fully aware of the gift of being alive… In the beginning, when we are born, and in the end, when we die, it is the only thing we have to do: to breath –a vital act that holds a divine essence.

Going deep. Naked. Transpiring ideas. Rooted within myself, the memory of a whisper: -Tu est habité… Filled with passion. Embracing light. We are part of a whole… For good and for bad everything we individually do affects the whole. I need to lay down and see the stars. To contrast my size with the infinite sacredness of nature, the universe’s breath makes my skin crawl.

To rise from lying under the shadow of a tree. Stepping on the grass with bare feet, discovering myself in the mirror of a lake. Swimming underwater. Hearing the sea in its roar. Climbing mountains. Crossing rivers of fear. Riding a horse. Transposing the clouds.

To fall in love, just to have an excuse to greedily and lustfully share it.
Kissing with passion, the wish of melting my soul with someone else’s…
Connecting with someone so deeply, I feel I might be able to see their spirit.

Now, I understand that we are all responsible for elevating this world.