New moon

“Home is where one starts from”

T.S. Elliot

That is exactly how I feel. Just in the beginning. With chaos and fresh energy. Building foundations, growing bases. So tired and excited at the same time. I’m back in BA, in a new house, still dust in the air. But trying to specifically focus on my blog, I began writing posts when my younger daughter was born. She is almost three years old now. A whole new cycle, talking about motherhood. By the way, I started working with the plans of my home five years ago! Sorry if I mix things up a bit… I can´t help doing it.

I always knew that interior decoration and being a mother, however wonderful and fulfilling this can be, it is not enough for me… I have badly needed to find a channel to express myself in other ways. I tried with a kind of rehearsal: this blog. So far it’s worked out. I am able to write pieces that show my interest in continuously developing my own philosophy, based on my own beliefs. In the process I was able to discover the topics that obsess me more.

Also I was deeply hankering for having my own sacred and private space while I was immersed in my duties as a mother of two under 4’s. To me, these were tough times.

It is strange how the world goes round, the role of family members has been changing a lot, as well as families as we know them. There is a point that is difficult to balance, while we as women are supposed to also fight for a position in equal conditions to men and in the process of raising kids we are also raising a family.

Different things happen to women where the balance of professional development and the raising of kids is concerned. A man is less confronted with the concessions he has to make in order to have a fully developed professional life.

It’s relevant to be a good mother, but is also relevant for me to develop other aspects of myself. I mean, I am a very committed artist, giving my best at what I do. I find it hard to balance sometimes. For instance, right now I wouldn’t be able to sit here writing if I wasn’t able to relay my duties as a mom to a nanny.

In this context, it was difficult for me to understand that I was the one who really needed help and support. Someone who will offer me a cup of tea, and maybe just a little bit of tenderness. So dear husbands around the world: no matter what your background, sexual orientation or what religion you worship, please pay attention to the mother of your kids. Pamper her. We all deserve safe and unconditional love.

Come on and shine.