The Present is Female


“We think sometimes that poverty is only being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.”

Mother Teresa

She was sitting there on the right  side of the waiting room. Apparently Doctor Brodsky had been delayed, as I had been told by Margarita the receptionist . I really dislike long waits but on that day I couldn’t find a better option than  wait for  my turn which I had  booked  almost three months ago!

I looked at the woman and sat at the other end of the sofa from her then let out a long sigh. She looked up at me over her blue ink notes. I love to read other people’s books and newspapers over their shoulder, on trains, in  waiting rooms… I’m very curious, specially in the literature sense.

On the open page lay a bookmark where I could easily read:

One of the greatest diseases is to be nobody to anybody”, Mother Teresa.

In a flash my mind turned to her… such an example… one of the few women to be awarded the Nobel Prize… What a crazy world we live in!

So absorbed was I in that quote, which couldn’t have touched me any deeper… I only vaguely  perceived that the blond lady was now smiling up at me over the notes.

I cast my eyes down and could see the title in bigger letters, The Present Is Female.

-It seems that the weather might remain rainy the whole week —and with that,  she had broken the ice.

Then I looked out of the window, it was grey and wet, I felt both quite attracted and intimidated by her suden openness.

-Yes, seems so —I answered back.

-Oh… These blessed rainy days… You don’t have to go to the park and work out. You can just light candles and let the inspiration flow…

Now, I looked at her in awe, I couldn’t have agreed more. I just had to ask…

-What is it you are writing about?

-Well… it all started when I was pondering about my feelings towards femininity —she answered.

-Wow, what a topic! I’m super intrigued.

-Well —she said and waited a few seconds as if she could pick words out of the air —it might sound odd, but, I was a man in my previous life.

-Oh… and you look so womanly now.

Her laughter filled the space and made it feel warmer.

There are so many men living in women’s bodies and so many women living in men’s bodies nowadays. Please go on, I don’t want to interrupt your flow —I  offered.

-Yes, although  I do hope it’s my turn next —she said.

I agreed and invited her to read. She started in a quiet and gentle voice.

Now I’m female… I’m in the now… We are the now… Common good is now… Common sense, consciousness and responsibility are now… The power of women is in the now… There is a more feminine phase of evolution… Yes, we are evolving… Embracing a more prosperous and peaceful lifestyle. We are just passing through the feminine goddess energy gate.  Can you feel it? —she asked me —It’s lush. It’s so pleasant!

Yes! —I answered, imagining the majesticness of the gate.

Harmony, elegance and beauty  are all in alignment with Mother Nature’s senses. Goddess of creation, Goddess of the earth, the Great Mother of all…

The Laws of the Universe… There’s something mysterious and creative about the order in the Universe… Universal Intelligence reveals something superior. 

The time’s come… Our mission has been revealed… We are healing the world… We are working together… Yes, we can… Intuitive feelings will take us to enlightenment.

We are healing the world… Such a mission… Emotion is instinctive. Instincts are connected with something greater than ourselves. Intuitive feelings will take us to enlightenment. It’s something from above. We are taking the humankind to a next level…

And then she added: I must lead the people into higher good.

By this time she has captured me in her spiritual power. I was swallowed into the ocean of her eyes. We continued talking in general about feminine skills and also about ourselves as women in this time and age. Then we were brought back to reality when the doctor opened the door and shook hands with his lingering patient. He glanced at us on his way to the reception, then in his usual tenor voice he asked Margarita for a cup of tea.

-Mrs. Lee please! —he called.

-Femininity starts from within —she stood and said with a frank smile. Then she left the room and I remained alone with the scent of bergamot tea in the air.